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About Us

The history of Frinense Alimentos begins in the 1970s, with the inauguration of its plant, in the city of Itaperuna-RJ. The name came from the initials of Frigorífico Noroeste Fluminense. After more than 35 years of work, entrepreneurship, innovation and many challenges, Frinense has built a beautiful history of tradition and quality. Today, it has units in Trindade-GO and Hidrolândia-GO, but the dedication and will to grow remain exactly the same.


Business Responsibility

The Frinense Code of Conduct is our way of seeking to ensure that business in all areas is conducted in an ethical and responsible manner, always consistent with brand values.



We strive for excellence in everything we do.


Our attitudes are governed, above all, by ethics and professionalism.


We strive to focus on simple goals that together become great achievements.


Our business seeks in the day to day the perseverance, the creativity and the optimism.


Team spirit is the soul of our company. The pursuit of humility and common sense in all actions.


Our success is to generate value and growth for our shareholders, staff, employees and customers.

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